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What does the Parish Council Do?

Parish Council

This page which is taken from the Chairman’s report to the Annual Village Meeting illustrates the work of the Parish Council during the year from 1 April 2016 to 30 March 2017.

Members of the Parish Council this year were:

Angus Collingwood-Cameron (Vice Chairman)
Susan Collingwood-Cameron
Jerry Dronsfield
Joe Easton
John Guiry
Iain Hedley
John Laing
Jon Radgick (Chairman)
Susan Rogers

In addition we would be lost without the services of our Clerk Stephen Rickitt.

Stone bench in Playwell Road
New Planter built by Ronnie Anderson

In the last year the activities of the Parish Council have included:

We recovered the roof of the bus shelter, we got the post of the bus stop opposite the shelter replaced and a time table added, and we have also got a time table for the shelter.

We arranged the felling of some ash trees at the top of the Millennium Oak Avenue which were interfering with the oaks, we pruned the oaks to improve shaping and we picked litter from the verges.  

We have made contact with Openreach and continue to try to get information about the capacity of the existing phone line and broadband infrastructure.

Our regular activities which were continued included:
We maintained the working party to improve the bank at the junction of West Turnpike and Front Street which has planted wild flower seeds in the grass and also weeded and strimmed the area around the bushes behind the phone box.

We continue to fund the production of the village newsletter and we continue to fund and update the village website.

Mowing the footpath from the tennis court field south towards Whittingham (this is paid for by NCC and contracted out).  We also worked with NCC to try to get the path widened after the field margins were ploughed out and liaised with NCC regarding a proposal to divert the course of the path from across the crop to around the margins (which is the route most people actually use anyway).

Brass plaques on the new pole
New handrail at the shop

We maintain the Snow Squad as a group of volunteers prepared to assist others in the village in times of difficulty due to snow, fortunately not needed this year.

We continue to strim the grass around the four stone seats on the roads into the village.  We also when necessary support the volunteers who maintain the flowers in the various planters around the village.

We sourced a Christmas tree – this year our thanks go to Callaly Estates who provided the tree, John & Claire Swanson who provided the labour to erect it and to the church whose electricity powers the lights which are connected by Peter Lake and owned by the PC. There is an issue about the availability of suitable trees for the coming years as the Callaly Estate have said they may not be able to find trees of the size we need.

We fund the maintenance of the defibrillator machine.

We organised the annual village clean-up a week prior to the Glanton Show.

Our regular administrative tasks include:

Commenting on planning applications of which there were quite a few this year, on NCC consultations, especially the Core Strategy planning document and on proposed electoral boundary changes.

We were represented at meetings of the Coquet Parish Council Cluster Group, The Town and Parish Council Conference, The NCC Area Committee and Highways meetings.

We supported the campaign to keep Rothbury Cottage Hospital open.

Liaising with NCC on matters such as drainage, pavement maintenance, and grass cutting -each of which resulted in NCC action during the year.

We made support grants of £200 each to the Glanton Memorial Hall and to Whittingham Burial Ground.

Glanton is very fortunate in having not only a relatively large and active Parish Council but also a willing volunteer community, and I would like to pay tribute to all those both Parish Councillors and others who give up their time to contribute to village life in such ways as planting & weeding flower displays, maintaining the phone box, signposts & seats, editing, printing and delivering the newsletter, litter picking, working for the Memorial Hall and the Glanton Show, organising village events, volunteering for the snow squad and in many other ways.

Jon Radgick


May 2017

Trees lopped behind the flagpole
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