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Community Care & Support

Coffee break

Coffee breaks and lunch clubs

Since 2011 the local community have been working with Bell View (a Belford based charity) to provide activities in the area.  Glanton memorial village hall is the venue for monthly coffee breaks and lunch clubs which are a great opportunity for people to meet up and share information.  The coffee breaks run on the 2nd Wednesday of the month 10am-12noon and people make a donation for tea/coffee, scones and cake.  The Lunch Club runs on the 4th Wednesday of the month – 12noon – 2pm with fresh soup, sandwiches, tea/coffee and biscuits for £3.00.

Both gatherings are informal, fun and everyone is very welcome, including people living outside of Glanton.  While you are there,  you could also have a look at the extensive book collection available to borrow free of charge and information files which cover a range of topics including Health, Transport, Advice and Finance.

Assisted shopping trips

The assisted shopping trips run from Glanton (and surrounding areas) to Morpeth on 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Bell View provides a wheelchair accessible mini bus and 2 members of staff who can offer whatever support is needed.  The bus arrives in Glanton around 10.30am, returning around 4pm.  The cost is £7.50 per trip.  Advance booking for this service is required – contact Jane at Bell View  01668 219220 for more details.


Who cares? Community Support Project

Glanton Parish Council is working with Whittingham & Hedgeley Parish Councils and the Bell View Project in Belford to find out what services are needed to support older people to live independently and have a good quality of life in our local area. We also want to make sure that people who provide care for family and friends have access to timely information, help and support.

All three parishes have ageing populations, but in the current economic climate local government is facing major spending cuts and this will affect local services. We are concerned that people growing older and carers in rural areas may be forgotten or find it hard to access information and services when they need them. However, we can't make a case for service improvements without your help.

We have had a series of meetings in the three village halls, the results from those meetings will be reported to the County Council Area Committee and also the Care in the Community Project Team.

One of the main areas of concern is the lack of information. When you are in the situation where, for the first time often, you have to look to others for help in doing the things you have always been able to do, it is difficult to know where to turn. It is often getting in to the system that is difficult; once you are "in" we have been told the service is often excellent.

There are a number of groups and organisations supplying super support for the members of our communities. We do not wish to replicate their effort but want to help direct you to the relevant organisation that may be able to offer help to you.

We are doing this in two ways; firstly we have produced a booklet listing those people we have identified who may be able to help. Secondly we will be working on ways to have information made available as locally as practical so when you need help you will have someone to ask. That may take a little more time as it most certainly requires some funding.

We will keep you updated on our progress.

Norman Dunn

Information booklet showing the services in our area, please click here.

Information on Prescription Deliveries, please click here.

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