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Community Policing



Community Policing

Community Messaging

The system of community messaging has changed, instead of emailing monthly reports the police are using a new platform at www.yournorthumberland.org to issue alerts and messages. You can click the link and once on the site you can read them or sign up to receive the messages directly. Because of the way they are formatted we will not be recording future messages on this page.

Community Messaging Bulletins

The following bulletins are available. You will need Adobe Reader to view these. Click here to download the latest free version.


Community Message Jul 16

Community message. Winter 2012.  
Farm Post Christmas 2012.  
Community Bulletin January 2013  
News. Summer 2012  
Community Message Spring 2012
February 2010 (528kb)
May 2010 (152kb)
Summer Newsletter 2010
Prison Release of Joseph Kinnear Special Bulletin
Northumbria Police Authority Meeting
Missing Person Appeal 23rd October 2010
Missing Person Appeal 5th November 2010 .

Message Bulletin December 2010
Message Bulletin July 2011
Winter Newsletter 2011
Community Message October 2011
Community Message January 2012 .

Community Message August 2013.
Community Message September 2013
Community Message October 2013
Community Message November 2013
Community Message December 2013
Community Messaage January 2014
Community Message February 2014
Communiy Message March 2014
Community Message April 2014
Community Message May 14
Comunity Message June 14
Community Message August & September
Community Message November 14
Community Message December 14
Community Message January 15
Community Message February 15
Community Message March 2015
Community Message April 2015
Community Message May 2015
Community Message June 2015
Community Message July 2015
Community Message Aug 2015
Community Message September 2015
Community Message October 2015
Community Message Nov 2015

Community Message December 2015

Community Message January 2016

Community Message February 2016

Community message March 2016

Community message April 2016

Police in rural Northumberland are going on-line to keep residents updated on local crime.

Neighbourhood Officers from Morpeth, Alnwick and Berwick have been on-line and recorded video and audio crime updates for their local areas.

In them Sergeant Dave Simpson and Inspectors Sue Peart and Sharon Wilmore Greaves discuss recent crime figures and trends, give crime prevention advice and explain what officers in the area are focusing on at present.

The videos are a trial scheme to raise awareness of officers in some of the more rural areas of Northumberland and ensure rural residents have access to the latest crime information and news about what's going on in their area.

Click the link below for your area to find out what's going on where you live:

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xn2LCnfUAx8

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzIngVipYeE

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As9n2vRGBL0

Neighbourhood Police Volunteers

Click the link below to find out more about becoming a Neighbourhood Police Volunteer.

Neighbourhood Police Volunteers (pdf)

You will need Adobe Reader to view this file: Click the link in the box above to get the latest version.

ebeat youth website

We’re very excited about our youth website. Not only does it engage younger people with Northumbria Police, it also gives invaluable advice on staying safe, the effects of alcohol and drugs, and bullying. It also offers easy links into other websites if the user wants more information on, for example, the leisure activities available in their area.

If you go onto the website www.ebeat.org.uk you will notice that all the above information is listed under ‘my hub’. Information for parents and teachers is listed under ‘my resources’. Here there is a wealth of information for parents to reassure them about issues affecting their children.

The site also has links to our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages.

We hope you find the website useful, you can access and interact with us here: http://www.northumbria.police.uk/ebeat/


Emergency Response Dial 999

Non Emergency Response Tel: 03456 043043

Text 07786200814

(To report a non-emergency incident)

Minicom 01661 82091

(For the deaf and hard of hearing)

Police Advice/Officer Contact Tel: 03456 043043

(Contact Management Unit 7am-11pm)

Crimestoppers Tel: 0800 555111 (Anonymous information line)


Alnwick NPT alnwick.npt@northumbria.pnn.police.uk

Berwick NPT berwick.npt@northumbria.pnn.police.uk

Morpeth NPT morpeth.npt@northumbria.pnn.police.uk


Northumbria Police Wildlife Crime Officers –

PC 322 Andy Swinburne (North) 03456 043043 extension 69191

PC 91 Mick Brown (West) 03456 043043 extension 69191

Crime Prevention Officers –

Del Graham 03456 043043 extension 69191

Sandra Killeen 03456 043043 extension 69191

Northumberland County Council 0845 600 6400

(For illegal bonfires, noise, fly tipping, Trading Standards and stray dogs etc)

Northumbria Police www.northumbria.police.uk

National NHW www.neighbourhoodwatch.net

HO Crime Reduction www.crimereduction.homeoffice.gov.uk

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